IBCLC Pathway 3 Accelerator Program

The LiquidGoldConcept IBCLC Pathway 3 Accelerator Program is a virtual program designed to prepare students around the world and from a variety of backgrounds for a career as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) through clinically rigorous, structured, and tailored mentorship.

The LiquidGoldConcept Pathway 3 Accelerator Will Guarantee Two Things

  1. The opportunity to complete 106+ clinical hours through virtual consults with standardized patients (i.e., telesimulations), virtual parent education workshops, and written support to parents in a Facebook group.
  2. An IBCLC mentor who will supervise the student’s existing or planned consults with pregnant, breast/chestfeeding, and lactating families.

What are the Costs Associated with this Program?

Join our waiting list above to get updates on when we open the next Early Bird window for applicants.The IBCLC Pathway 3 Accelerator program costs $4,995 if you sign up as an Early Bird and pay in full (after the Early Bird window, the cost is $5,995 through the application deadline) This cost includes a $200 non-refundable application fee. Here is what you get:

  • 90+ hours of lactation-specific education, and 5+ hours of communication education, a $995 value
  • One Essential Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) in the skin tone of your choice, a $1,549 value
  • One Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator, a $1,750 value
  • 106+ hours of supervised clinical practice directly through virtual consults with standardized patients, virtual parent education workshops, and written support of parents with one of our IBCLC mentors, and continued mentorship with one of our IBCLC mentors for the remainder of your 394 clinical hours with your own parents/clients, which means you get your clinical mentorship for under $2 per clinical hour (under $4 per clinical hour if you register after May 15th). IBCLC mentors usually charge between $15 and $150 per clinical hour!

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What are the requirements to enroll in the Pathway 3 Accelerator Program?

  • You must have written and oral proficiency in English.
  • You must have completed and passed the 14 health sciences classes required by IBLCE, be a healthcare professional, or be enrolled in a degree-granting program as a healthcare professional.
  • You must have access to pregnant or lactating clients/patients so that you can accumulate clinical hours outside of the guaranteed clinical hours provided by LiquidGoldConcept.
  • You must be able to submit proof of current CPR certification.
  • You must be willing and able to submit proof of a national background check.

Prior completion of the 90 hours of lactation-specific education is not required for enrollment in the Pathway 3 Accelerator Program. Applicants with or without the 90 hours of lactation-specific education will be considered equally for admission.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Pathway 3 Accelerator Program?

Our ideal candidate is someone who can complete all 500 clinical hours by the deadline to apply to sit for the IBLCE exam in ~September 2022 or ~April 2023.

  • Current (or upcoming and already secured) access to pregnant or breast/chestfeeding or lactating people.
  • Prior or current experience in any clinical setting.
  • Any prior exposure to lactation/breastfeeding education in a formal or informal setting (i.e., coursework, conferences, webinar). Note: Personal breast/chestfeeding or lactation experience does not apply.
  • Personal experience with breast/chestfeeding or lactation is not a requirement.

Speak with Kelly Smith (kelly@liquidgoldconcept.com) if you are unsure whether or not you fit the profile described above.

IBCLC Pathway 3 Accelerator Program Overview

Step One: Apply and Get Approved by IBLCE

Match with your LiquidGoldConcept IBCLC mentor.
Work with LiquidGoldConcept mentor to develop your Pathway 3 Application and get approval from IBLCE.
Enroll and Pay Tuition $4,995 Early Bird Specials work out to under $2 per clinical hour. After the Early Bird deadline passes the $5,995 tuitions works out to under $4 per clinical hour

Anticipated program start date: Late 2021

Pair with an IBCLC Mentor

Step 2: Complete 106+ Clinical Hours Via Telesimulation

complete case-based multiple choice questions

Complete multiple-choice questions relating to lactation and breastfeeding.

engage with the actor-educator in a simulated patient encounter

Engage with the standardized patient in a virtual consult.

receive feedback on clinical performance

Get feedback on clinical performance from the standardized patient and a clinician.

review, repeat, grow your learning

Lather, rinse, repeat. Ahem. We mean review, repeat, grow your future IBCLC skills!

At this time, 106 clinical hours through LiquidGoldConcept are obtained in virtual consults with standardized patients. An additional dozen or so hours may be obtained through LiquidGoldConcept’s virtual education support services for parents.

Round 1 [Foundations] Team Virtual Consults with Standardized Patients.
Round 2 [Practice] Team Virtual Consults with Standardized Patients.
Round 3 [Mastery] Individual Virtual Consults with Standardized Patients.

Optional. Engage in LiquidGoldConcept Research Symposium.

Optional. Round 2 and Round 3 in Spanish through the Spanish-Language Telesimulation program.

Step Three: Receive Your Lactation Simulation Model and NORALSim Latching Simulator

Once you’ve received your LiquidGoldConcept realistic Lactation Simulation Model (LSM) and Newborn Oral Assessment and Latch Simulator (NORALSim), you’ll be able to incorporate them into your clinical practice.

Lactation Simulation Model and NORALSim

Step Four: Complete 400 Supervised Clinical Hours with Real Pregnant and Lactating People

Teach LiquidGoldConcept parent education workshops.
Earn Advanced Lactation Specialist Certificate (cALS).
Work with your IBCLC mentor to create a tailored plan for the remaining hours of supervised practice.

  • Each student in LiquidGoldConcept’s Pathway 3 Accelerator program must have access to their own clients/patients to obtain the remaining ~380 clinical hours.
  • LiquidGoldConcept does not secure clinical placements for Pathway 3 students.
  • Independent supervised hours must be obtained by the student.
  • A LiquidGoldConcept IBCLC mentor will be assigned to students in the Pathway 3 Accelerator to provide virtual supervision during a student’s independently accumulated hours. 

The plan must be approved prior to the program start by LiquidGoldConcept and IBLCE.

Sit for the IBLCE exam & become an IBCLC!

Step Five: Receive Ongoing Support from LiquidGoldConcept with Job Placement and Mentorship

You have completed your training and passed the IBLCE exam! Congratulations! Now you are asking yourself, what do I do next? Unlike many other Pathway programs, LiquidGoldConcept is here with you for the long haul. Even after you have passed your exam, there are still times when you will have questions or need assistance finding the right position. With elective ongoing training and mentorship programs, we can assist you throughout your career.

Ongoing Support from LGC

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LiquidGoldConcept’s Mission:

Ensuring that all health professionals have the clinical competence to provide timely and skilled lactation support to all pregnant and lactating people and their infants.